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Arachne the Spider

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Arachne the Spider XkegfIb

Name: Arachne
Meaning: The Spider
Rank: D (Scales with User)
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Spider Silk Magic: The healing power of the spider queen is whispered of in legends, and they are indeed true. Using her precious spider silk that Arachne can spin from her hands or her appendages she can heal wounds and aid others in a supportive manner such as curing diseases.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Arachne is an oddity. She appears as a school age girl in a black and red uniform, and that may seem innocent enough at first. But her six spider legs that protrude from her back and the gem like horns on her head betray that fact and make her known as her true self.
Personality: As said, Archne is an oddity. Although she has knowledge that would baffle and astound even the brightest of mortal, and possibly immortal, minds she acts in a childlike manner. She loves to talk and whisper in strange tongues about the goings on around her and she is never short on things to say. She is supportive of her owner, but don't be surprised if she asks you very personal questions for she is a master of secrets.

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