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Jixie the Mechanic

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Jixie the Mechanic G52KAZ5

Name: Jixie
Meaning: The Mechanic
Rank: D (Scales with User)
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Mechanic's Belt: No mechanic is ever without her belt, and Jixie has a special belt. With her belt she can produce machines of varying use to aid her and her owner in battle. The machines can vary greatly, but they are all non-elemental.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jixie appears as a young girl with glasses and a seemingly blank stare on her face most of the time. She wears a green mechanics jumpsuit with her belt around her waist. When she enters battle her emotions spring forth and she appears much more in her element with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.
Personality: Jixie is more of a loner type, she doesn't like to be summoned unless she is going into battle. She identifies well with people who only need her for that purpose, but those who want to converse with her will find it difficult (though not impossible.) She generally shows no emotion unless she is in battle in which case she seems as giddy as a girl on her first day of school.

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