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Aquila the Eagle

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1Aquila the Eagle Empty Aquila the Eagle on Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:18 pm


Aquila the Eagle ZWEF46I

Name: Aquila
Meaning: The Eagle
Rank: D (Scales with User)
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Flare Magic: Aquila is able to express sudden bursts of fire magic from his body, but its weakness is in its duration for Aquila can only manifest this fire for a moment hence why it is known as Flare Magic. His fires can rival that of a phoenix and he is known to use them as such.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Aquila appears as a two and a half meter bird with a massive wingspan of three and a half meters. His body is covered in red streaks across his white feathers and he has a luxurious tail tipped with a pure red feather.
Personality: Aquila is very confident in his own abilities to the point of being overconfident and foolhardy. He has a penchant for charging into battle at the slightest provocation or questioning of his strength. He boasts quite a bit which may cause some issues with his owner, but don't let these actions fool you. He is fiercely loyal to his owner and will never let anyone insult them, his fires burn hot against anyone who dares to.

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