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Ibis the Owl

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Ibis the Owl BOU9Lor

Name: Ibis
Meaning: The Owl
Rank: D
Summon Cost: 10 (5)
Magic: Pipe Magic: Ibis has a pipe which he smokes in order to create a form of smoke magic to damage the foes of his master. He is adept at shaping the smoke into many versatile forms and is not limited to making it solid.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ibis is a simple, brown and tan owl with golden eyes and a shining beak. He either carries his pipe in his beak or in his wing, sometimes he does allow his owner to hold it.
Personality: Ibis is as wise as the stories tell, and it is a fact he likes to flaunt. He is very wise and knows much about the world, and this information he will share with his owner should they ask. He's quite conceited when his knowledge comes into question, so it would be wise to not question his judgement nor his information.

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